Last Show of the Year 2008

Last Show of the Year 2008

 The Last Show of the Year is definitely happening!

It will be broadcast live from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.  Since the show is being broadcast from Queensland, and since they don’t have daylight savings the show will start at 5pm local time.  In NSW, Victoria, ACT and Tasmania the show will start at 6pm.

The show is going to be 2 hours long featuring the usual segments; an effort to get through to Aunty Sue Rankin for the ceremonial hunger strike and a great line up in the  “Sir! Point of Order!” segment.

“The Agenda”

  • Including:> Mr 5% and Climate Change
  • > Whaling
  • > Organizing online series introduction
  • > 2008 Wrap and Review

“Get on Board Campaigns” (sponsored by The Australian Politicos Conference)


>Ceremonial Hunger Strike

>Equal workplace rights. Abolish ABCC.

“Sir! Point of Order!” (sponsored by Australian Politics TV)

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