Your favourite music discussion

Rant n Rave Radio is keen to know what you listen to when you’re electioneering or campaigning, doing your planning, out doing letterbox drops, for chilling out to or to get yourself going, or gives you inspiration and motivation.  Music has always been a powerful way of conveying political messages and ideas and is known to help those creative juices flow.

So tell me what your favourite music is. Leave a comment


4 Responses to “Your favourite music discussion”

  1. Alex Schlotzer Says:

    I love listening to a bunch of different kinds of music while campaigning. RATM is always a good choice to get the blood pumping but I also love listening to stuff from Deep Forest for inspiration. Yeah I know Deep Forest but hey they made some sweet lullabies 🙂

  2. Andrew Says:

    perl jam and some techno are good to listen too

  3. Tron Lord Says:

    Yeah I like listening to Rage against the Machine too.

    I also love listening to some good rock music. But I’m ashamed to admit to still loving Peter Garrett and the Midnight Oil. 😛

    Friends of mine love to listen to techno music. One friend even loves listening the Brave Heart sound track when doing letterbox maps.

  4. Andrew Says:

    i like RATM 8)

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