A new show for RnRR

There’s a new show coming to Rant n Rave Radio!

And we’re pretty excited about it.  It’s an occasional magazine style program that looks at the day’s sitting in Parliament House; and picks out 1 to 2 Members of Parliament worthy of a dedicated rant about their performance or lack thereof.  The new show is aptly named Point of Order.

Point of Order will only broadcast during sitting weeks of Parliament from midnight AEDT.  And the first broadcast of this exciting new show is tomorrow night (Tuesday 3rd February) at midnight.  Check it out!

Don’t worry our usual broadcast each Sunday isn’t changing!!


2 Responses to “A new show for RnRR”

  1. Sindie Says:

    This has to be comedy. But very entertaining, maybe? Getting into radio in 6 months starts at Radio Connection where you are trained under a mentor at at radio station. Maybe they should have that go on the air? http://www.radioconnection.com For those who aspire to be like you!

  2. Alex Schlotzer Says:

    We’ve made some slight adjustments to the timing of the show. The show will now be heard from 11:30pm NOT midnight as posted.

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