Rant n Rave Radio hits the Road

Hold onto your hats cause here comes some pretty big news!

Rant n Rave Radio is hitting the road for our first ever outdoor broadcast.  But wait there’s more!

We’re not giving away knives but we’re doing the OB from the Koori Surfing Competition.  Yep that’s right we’re going to be hanging at the beach at Torquay (Victoria), catching the views and some deadly surfing and catching the surfers straight out of the whitewash.

You won’t want to miss this show.  We’re going to be ranting and raving about a bunch of stuff all day.  From land justice and human rights to surfing competitions and how community events rock, there’s going to be something for everyone. 

We’ll be doing a bunch of interviews too!

OB DETAILS – 10am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm AEDT – Saturday 7th February

p.s. Don’t worry we’ll still be doing our usual show on Sunday 8th February from 5pm AEDT.

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