Probs Fixed

Well we’ve sorted our administrative problems out.  And that means our much awaited OB will go ahead without any glitches associated with Skype.  It also means that Point of Order – RnRR’s new show – will be back on the net waves next week.

We’re pretty excited about the outdoor broadcast and we want you to join us.  We’ll be playing some music we’ve uploaded and with any luck we’ll get some music played for us live.  Although we’re not sure how that will turn out but we’ll give it a go anyway!

Tune in Saturday from 10am for Rant n Rave Radio live from the Koori Surf comp in Torquay!


One Response to “Probs Fixed”

  1. Mel Says:

    glad probs fixed and lookin forward to broadcast from the surf competition. what’s a koori surf comp.

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