On Rant n Rave Radio

Before we get to the bulk of this post we want to clear up some house-keeping issues.  Unfortunately we didn’t set up our Skype account properly to top-up our account when running low.  And then had to go through the verification process and quite rightfully so to ensure proof of identity.  It took a few days before we could get Skype credit.  But the good news is we have Skype credit and can get our shows back on net-air.  A big shout out to the Skype bloggers that jumped in to offer assistance as soon as they detected our problems – that’s awesome net-service.

On tomorrow’s show:

We’ve got a packed show which will include the public transport system – once again- and we’ll continue the rant about workers’ rights and the new IR laws.  Alex will be giving a run down of his adventure to the Koori Surfing comp.  And the Minister for Activities un-Australian is expected to drop in and give his usual self-serving polemic. We’re hoping that our listeners will get stuck in too.

It’s a great chance to vent your spleen about issues that aren’t on the mainstream media bulletins.  We’ll be enjoying a glass or two of some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s finest whites – and we hope you are too [insert the bevvy of your choice].

Join Gregg, Alex and the Minister on Rant n Rave Radio for 90 minutes of spleen venting rants and raves.  You might even split your sides with us as we can’t help having a good laugh along the way.


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