This week in Parliament Point of Order is back

With the Parliament sitting this, it means there’s going to be Question Time.  Of course that will depend on what kind of natural disasters befall Australians as the last week of Question Time in the last sitting period were cancelled due to the fire storms in Victoria.

So what’s happening with Point of Order?  Well Point of Order will be on this week…tonight in fact.  Seriously it’s going to be cool.

We’ve moved Point of Order from the platform and onto the Stickam platform.  Basically we wanted to expand our offerings for our good listeners and what better way to do that than include one of our shows as a live stream.  I know we already do that for Rant n Rave Radio but Point of Order is a little different.  You’ll see why!

Point of Order – streaming live tonight from 11:30pm AEDT

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