Our Show Tomorrow

Well today is the eve of another massive show for Rant n Rave Radio.

We’re going to be mixing stuff up. The last few weeks we’ve really been giving the Victorian state government and Connex a pounding on the public transport situation. This week we’ve got a whole new round of beefs to take up.

One particularly big issue is the unwillingness of Senator Steve Fielding (Vic, FFP) to support the new IR laws being proposed by the Labor Government. He keeps banging on about the poor small business owners and how they’re suffering. He obviously thinks the people working for small business don’t deserve the same rights as everyone else.

And that’s just one of the rants on tomorrow’s huge show.

One of the other rants that we’re going to get into is the efforts of Senator Conroy to censor Australia’s Internet. It’s a much bigger issue than the likes of Mel and Kochie are prepared to tackle. Admittedly when they have tried to raise the issue they’ve been left looking foolish. But the issue must get more mainstream in order to truly pressure Conroy into dropping his ridiculous censhorship efforts.

Ok so you’ve got the picture. We’re going to be getting into some serious ranting and raving tomorrow afternoon in the Sunday session.

Make sure you catch it and join in live! Broadcasting Sunday from 5pm AEDT

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