Nuclear energy to be resurrected

The nuclear energy lobby revealed its hand at its most recent gathering. They’re about to launch a massive blitzkrieg to get nuclear energy back on the table for government funding and so concessions can flow to the uranium mining and nuclear energy concerns. The same approach and message while Howard was in power is going to be used. But this time it’s going to be driven by jobs, or rather the jobs creation illusion.

Like last time Ziggy will be pitching to Australians how safe and reliable nuclear energy is, declaring at a recent gathering of nuclear energy lobbyists that Australians will accept nuclear energy. There’s a sinister undertone to that kind of declaration. The industry will be pushing the green benefits of nuclear energy and how it is an essential element to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Indeed, they seem to be gearing up to even greenwash how dangerous nuclear waste (and here) is, while the truth is each stage of the nuclear cycle produces deadly contaminants.

But this time around Ziggy and his nuclear pals will be selling nuclear energy as a panacea for the Australian economy. The mantra will be green jobs in green industries; even though nuclear energy is never going to be clean or green.


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