Post-ANZAC Day Show

ANZAC Day for our international listeners stands for the Australian New Zealand Army Corp and is a day of rememberance.  More specifically the Day is dedicated to the diggers that fought in World War II (special emphasis on Galliopoli).  We won’t be ranting about ANZAC Day but we will be ranting about the Prime Minister’s use of the day to announce his plans for a military build up.

We’ll also be ranting about the latest xenophobia surrounding ‘boat people’.  With refugees risking their lives to reach Australian waters, a refugee boat was intercepted only to have the captain set the boat alight.  The new round of xenophobia is being driven by right-wing columnists and the Western Australian government.

Plus we’ll be getting stuck into the state government’s poor record on introducing environmentally sustainable programs and iniatives.  The Brumby government has a lengthy record which makes for great ranting material.  We’re sure you’ll love some of the nuggets we dredge up.  Funnily enough, we’ll be doing to Brumby what he’s doing to Port Phillip Bay.

Join us on Sunday from 5:30pm for what’s shaping up to be a HUGE show!


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