Are we or aren’t we?

“Are we broadcasting or aren’t we broadcasting?” we hear you say.  Yep we’ve been listening.

Well we’re going to be doing a show come hell or high water.  Of course either of these events could cause us to get disconnected from the Internet, and would mean we couldn’t broadcast. But you know what we mean.


Our next show is going to be a ripper. With the break from last week, we’re refreshed and ready to vent our spleen with a good rant n rave.  From local government corruption allegations here in Victoria, right in our backyard (literally), to the Victorian state government budget. Of course this is going to be our pre-Budget Night show and we’ll be giving our opinion on what’s likely to be in it (or what’s not in it). On top of that we’ll be having a good rant about Telstra and the appalling situation facing Australian workers’ occupational health and safety.

It’s going to be a huge show but of course it’s even “huger” if you listen in and rant with us. It’s talkback Internet radio so vent your spleen with us!

Broadcasting 5:30pm Sunday 10 May


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