Shameful Brimbank Council

There’s not much that hasn’t been said about the nepotism, corruption and outside political influences and retribution.  Brimbank is well known to be a basket case of branch stacking and ballot stacking. Each local government election has an extraordinarily high number of candidates, most of which are never seen (even on polling day), and when  you ring them strangely defer to another candidate (ie the “real” candidate). Indeed, I’ve blogged about Brimbank Council’s failure to deliver for the community, councillor nepotism and corruption and the lack of transparent governance on a number of occasions.  And much of which has been confirmed by the recent report into Brimbank Council’s corruption by the Victorian ombudsman.

Sadly the focus continues to be on the political fall out for the Victorian Labor Party, especially for Premier John Brumby, Attorney-General Rob Hulls, senior ALP MP George Seitz, (factional warlord & longest serving MP in Victoria’s history) and Sports Minister Justin Madden. The real focus should be on the long suffering citizens of Brimbank. (Read more here)


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