What’s p*ssing you off?

Each week you log on to listen to us ranting and raving about the issues that’ve p*ssed us off. We give you an uncensored diatribe about the issues and the things we think need to be fixed in our political system.  So instead of the issues being just the ones we think up each week we want to know what’s p*ssing you off.

Seriously we want to know what’s really ticking you off and getting under your skin.

We’ll use what you leave in the comments as material for the show on May 31st. Yep that’s it in a nutshell.

So get busy and list the things that are p*ssing you off!


One Response to “What’s p*ssing you off?”

  1. lemin Says:

    I am an a alien student whom was stopped in Italy in 1987, but three years after the Italian state has made war against me destroying my life me! The history still continued in 2009, but the truth has exited outside and the scandal is exploded! Incredible but true!

    See the blog in order to believe.

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