WTF is going on with Rant n Rave Radio

Okay we know we’ve been really quiet, almost non-existent.

The truth is that we’ve been really, really busy and Greg has landed an awesome gig with the Melbourne Theatre Company.  Of course this has meant a lot of rehearsals and now he’s getting ready for opening night.  But we had no idea how much of an impact it would have on our show.

So that we don’t have you rioting online we’ll be back July 12.  However, to make sure you’ve got something to tide you over till then, Alex will be doing a special broadcast. Details will be posted soon.

You might also notice over the next few weeks until our return that some changes will be made to our page. Our weekly format will remain but instead one continuous broadcast we’re going to have 3 shows:

  1. The Agenda
  2. Campaigns to Note
  3. Australian Weekly Political Wrap

Don’t forget to visit Rant n Rave Radio on BTR for show details, reminders and downloads.

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