Parliament returns soon

The “Winter Session” of Australia’s federal parliament will soon be sitting. As the first sitting day of the “Winter Session” comes near the Leader of the Opposition and Prime Minister are trading blows.  There is almost a frenzy happening in the media as they desperately seek something to cling to in the lead up to the Winter Session.  As usual they’ve been slow to pick up on any real issues, preferring to blow more wind up celebrities asses.

With Parliament returning we’ll be adding a show to our Sunday line up.  Called the “Weekly Political Wrap”, we’ll rant about the politics and the power plays of the week as it happened.  We’ll even go seat by seat and give a review of the Member’s performance.  You’ll love throwing in your 2 cents.

But in the meantime we’ere going to be missing a show before returning full force.  Stay tuned for more!

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