Catching the show?

Have you been catching our show lately?

Over the following month we’ll be rigidly sticking to our 5:30pm time slot so we can get in more ranting – and so you can too. Of course we’re not guaranteeing that we’ll start dead on 5:30pm but we’re definitely going to be starting closer to 5:30pm.

There’s been a lot of issues to rant n rave about; we’ve been having some pretty good rants. And their only going to get better as summer comes on and the  outdoor broadcasts become more regular. Of course there will be some good old rumour and inuendo but it’s all in good fun.

The Minister is apparently making a re-appearance after another unexplained absence. We’ll get to the bottom of it.

If you can’t catch the show then listen to it through our player (top left hand side nav bar).  Or get a reminder so you don’t miss the show.

Catch us Sunday from 5:30pm for “The Agenda”

Happy listening.

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