Sea Shepherd and Whaling

One of the rants we’ve had a few times here on Rant n Rave Radio is about whaling and countries that keep whaling.

We’ve exposed the lies behind “scientific” whaling and the other weak excuses used to continue this barbaric practice.  And, if you’ve caught those particular rants, you’ll know that Greg and Alex are big fans of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s work during the southern hemisphere whalers’ hunt.

So when we heard the Sea Shepherd’s “Steve Irwin” whale hunter vessel was to port in Australia we thought we’d contact them for a gig on the show.

At first we thought we’d get told to bugger off since we’re a small (very small) operation, if you can call it that.  But Greg never gave in and set about finding out what was going and who we had to speak to to get an interview. We explained how the show works and that there’s essentially no censorship; we’d give them the air time to vent their grievances about the ongoing whale slaughter however they wanted to express them. Apparently they thought this was an awesome idea.

Now we’re following up with them to find the exact person, the one with that’s in-the-know, and give them time to vent their spleens about whaling.  We’ll keep everyone up-to-date with how we’re going securing an interview.


2 Responses to “Sea Shepherd and Whaling”

  1. Alex Schlotzer Says:

    We’re still getting through the people but everyone is helping out. Maybe you’d like to get on some time and help us vent our collective spleen about whaling?

  2. Dave Head Says:

    It’s about time the ‘so-called’ anti-whaling Governments [mine included] stopped talking and took legal action against Japan -maybe combining so they can’t be picked off by Japan. So what are ‘some’ of the things Japan is doing illegally? here’s a few:
    Japan’s continued and expanded program of scientific whaling is inconsistent with its obligations under the Law of the Sea Convention, the International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling Convention, the Convention on the
    Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR), and the Convention on Biological Diversity to protect and preserve the marine environment, to protect rare and fragile ecosystems and endangered species,
    to prepare environmental impact assessments when changes to the marine environment are likely to be caused by its activities, and to refrain from claiming resources under the guise of marine scientific research. This
    program is not legitimately “scientific” because it has not been peer-reviewed and does not have precise quantifiable goals. It is inconsistent with Japan’s obligations under the Convention on Biological Diversity because reduces the sustainability of whale species and has
    “adverse impacts on biological diversity.” It is unquestionably an abuse of right because it invokes Article VIII of the Whaling Convention in a manner that certainly was unanticipated by the framers of the Convention and has been repeatedly condemned by the majority of the other contracting parties to the Convention.
    Japan’s actions can be challenged by concerned states in the International Court of Justice or through the dispute resolution procedures of the Law of the Sea
    Convention and the conciliation procedures of the Convention on Biological Diversity.
    The list goes on!

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