2010 is going to be big!

It’s been a massive year for Rant n Rave Radio.

There’s no doubt about it, Greg and Alex have had some pretty big shows. There’s been some shocking ones too.  But as next week’s show will be the last for 2010 it’s timely to let everyone know about what’s in store for 2010 on Rant n Rave Radio.

They’ve certainly provided a unique perspective on Australian and international politics drawing a range of listeners from all over the world.  And if 2009 was big, Greg and Alex, are looking forward to delivering even more in 2010.  January will see the team in action over whaling with a live interview with peeps from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  They’ll also be doing a bunch of series about the real Austalian politics and history; or at least their take on it all.

Of course there will be The Agenda as usual. Don’t worry about that!

Plus they’ll be bringing back “Campaigns to Note”.

Catch our last show broadcast on Sunday 13 December — [player on the right ]—>

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