The whale slaughter continues

Rant n Rave RadioThe whale slaugher continues and last week Greg and Alex ranted and raved about the issue.  In the meantime there continues a tit-for-tat between the Sea Shepherd and the whalers.

Australia’s government remains incapable of coming through on their election promise to take Japan to the international court for their continued illegal fishing in Australia’s custodial waters.  The government even admitted the Oceanic Viking was being sent out to spot “illegal fishing”, yet wasn’t going to be observing – a strange sort of spin!

We reckon you should get behind the Sea Shepherd and keep pushing until decisive action is taken against the whale slaughter.  There is no reason for it and Japan’s own Prime Minister admits to disliking whale – so why not stop it!  Japanese Greenpeace activists have been arrested for their activities in exposing the scam that is Japan’s whale research program.


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