Minister for Activities un-Australian sighted

During the last couple of days there have been a growing number of reports of sightings of the Minister for Activities un-Australian. It’s been a very long time since the Minister was last on the show. Since the last show he was on there’s been numerous reports of his travels through central Asia and South America; and we believe the reports too.

With rumours of the Minister being sighted around Australia circulating, we began wondering if he’d be back on our show. Then we received a text message from a mysterious source.

The text message was a picture of the Minister in one of his favourite poses.

We’re now convinced the Minister will be back on the show with a bunch of fresh and interesting (read ludicrous) rants from abroad. Stay tuned for more details about the Minister’s return to Rant n Rave Radio’s “The Agenda”.

Don’t forget to catch “The Agenda” live on Sunday from 5:30pm AEST.

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