The circus begins for the year

February in Australia means the political year gets into full swing after 6 weeks off over the end-of-year festive season.

And it has truly kicked off in excellent style. Within only a couple of days of federal politicians returning to Parliament for the start of the sitting year.  So far we’ve had a deluge of hot air and rubbish from the Tories, especially Tony “The Monk” Abbott and even Joe Hockey is attempting to make mileage.  Barnaby Joyce, the crazy accountant-turned-Senator, from Queensland sounds like a shrill commentator on the sidelines of a footy match than providing any coherent dissection of the government’s “financial management”.

That was only in the first 36 hours! Truly!

So as you can imagine Greg and Alex are madly putting together “The Agenda”.  There’s so much to rant about and so little time; and really good ones too.  Obviously they’ll be giving their views on the return of the parliamentary year but they’ll provide the latest in their Myki experiment.

Stay tuned for more broadcast details for Rant n Rave Radio’s “The Agenda”.


2 Responses to “The circus begins for the year”

  1. mrthedj Says:

    This is going to be a very long year politically. Us poor Victorians are going to have to deal with two elections. The only thing we can be assured is the Barnaby is going to continue to be hilariously incompetent.

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