Rambling and Easter 2010

Rant n Rave RadioWe’ve been back on the cyber airwaves for a couple of shows now. And you might have missed some of the hilarity and insightful analysis of the issues locally, nationally and internationally.

The Rambling episode takes you on a weird journey through a range of topics. And quite frankly, the episode is a rambling affair. It’s unusual we know for a show to not have at least one soap-box outburst, but the Rambling is it.  It’s still worth giving it a listen.

Our Easter special was a huge show. We cover a range of issues including the quality of political debate in Australia.  Greg and Alex also make light of the Leader of the Opposition and his pathetic effort to gain traction in an election year. If you missed out on the Easter episode you can catch it here.  You can even download it as podcast.

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