It’s been a while

Well it certainly has been a long long time since we last posted something to our blog here.

However, you’ll be seeing a lot more activity since the good folk at BlogTalkRadio have turned off their blog tool; and with very good reason too. Of course if you’ve visited in the last year you would’ve been able to listen to and download our shows with our media player.

The Agenda continues along its merry way delivering hard hitting analysis and critique of the issues facing Australia and the state of Victoria. We indulge in commenting on not just politics but sport and theatre and art. Just about any issue is covered on The Agenda.

With our blog here taking over from BlogTalkRadio’s blog, you’ll see big announcements and ways you can help shape The Agenda. There’ll be some polls and the odd picture and video here and there. Plus each show will be uploaded here for you to download.

We can’t wait to start bringing our stuff to you through our blog. Make sure to bookmark us or grab the RSS feed.

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