Join Today’s Broadcast And Vent Your Spleen

Rant n Rave Radio

The Agenda - LIVE - 5.30PM AEST

We’re broadcasting at 5.30pm AEST today.

And you know what that means.

That’s right, another Sunday session of Rant n Rave Radio’s The Agenda!

It’s live and interactive. You can dial in or join us on the chat board. The best thing about our show is that you can vent your spleen about the issues we’re talking about, or ones entirely off-topic.

Join Greg and Alex for another no-punches-pulled analysis of the big issues, including:

  • The US , the ratings agencies and the global economy.
  • Environmental vandalism in Victoria
  • The Abbott’s Liberal Party = The Australian Tea Party

Plus more on Rant n Rave Radio’s The Agenda LIVE at 5.30pm AEST

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