Vent your Spleen! Open Thread

Vent Your Spleen!

We’ve decided that each week we’re going to have an open thread called “Vent your Spleen!”.

The whole idea of the open thread is to give you a place to vent your spleen about issues important to you; or to leave topic suggestions for us to rant n rave about.

To get us started, one of the issues we’ll be looking at this week is how the real story behind the London riots is being ignored and completely forgotten in the ensuing commentary. We broadcasted a special episode entirely about the London riots and we think it’s important that the real story behind the riots is told, and as often as possible. We also think that there needs to be serious re-think of some of the rhetoric being used post-riots about clamping down on social disorder.

What do you think?

Get to it and Vent your Spleen!

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