What’s happening at RnRR-HQ?

The crew at Rant n Rave Radio have been a bit slack lately, is what you might be thinking. But you’d be dead. wrong! We’ve been busy with various work and volunteer commitments.

But to make sure no-one misses out on their fix of Rant n Rave Radio’s The Agenda, we’ve come up with a solution.

A cunning plan even.

On Sunday we’ll broadcast a mini version of the The Agenda. It’ll be a fast and furious rant n rave with only 15 minutes to get it all out. (Hence the ‘mini’ version.) Since Alex is available he’s graciously offered to host it.

Join Alex with Barry in tow on Sunday at 5.30pm AEDT as they cover topics like:

  • The grounding of the Qantas fleet;
  • Australia finally joining in and taking action on climate change; and
  • We’ll critical detail Tony Abbott’s misjudgement in leaving the country.

It’s live and it’s talk-back Internet radio! Join The Agenda and have your say on Sunday at 5.30pm AEDT

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