The Agenda: Disability insurance, LOTO in China and more

Oh dear we experienced some technical difficulties at our end on Friday night preventing us delivering what was going to be a bloody huge show. So we’re going to try again.

The issues we wanted to discuss on Friday night are still extremely relevant and extremely important. We’re returning to our usual Sunday afternoon timeslot, broadcasting live on Sunday from 5.30pm AEST.

Join Greg and Alex as they rant n rave about a range of issues and in particular the guys will cover:

  • The phoney debate about a national disability insurance scheme, and the Oz Axis of Evil;
  • Tony Abbott, the Leader of the Opposition (LOTO), in China;
  • Economic vandalism in conservative states; and
  • more!

It’s talk-back so…Join the team and vent your spleen.

Broadcasting live Sunday from 5.30pm AEST

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