Next on The Agenda: Dental health, employer militancy plus more

A massive show is guaranteed on Sunday’s Rant n Rave Radio’s The Agenda.

The last week has been another huge week in Australian politics.

There was the very excellent news the Greens with Labor were able to get dental care included with Australia’s universal health care system. Then there was more about the asylum seekers and how quickly we’re racing to the bottom on this debate.

And then there’s the recent outbreak of employer militancy. Across the country employers of all shapes and sizes are lining up to take pot shots at their workforces, bleating they need more flexibility and attacking penalty rates.

So you can see it’s going to be a huge show. Make sure you join Greg and Alex when they broadcast live and unadulterated from 5.30pm AEST.

On the show they’ll cover:

  • Universal dental health care a step closer
  • Employer militancy
  • The ‘asylum seekers’ debate and
  • Much, much more.

Rant n Rave Radio’s The Agenda is talk-back internet radio. Join in. Vent your spleen with the team.

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