Next on The Agenda: Dirty power, climate change and more

It’s been another massive week in Australian politics. This, of course, means a huge show for The Agenda – broadcasting live on Sunday from 6.30pm AEST

While some may tire of the weekly shenanigans and the tit-for-tat approach but we here at Rant n Rave Radio thrive on it. After all they help us with our agenda each week and are the source of much of our spleen venting. But this last week has been particularly heavy with some good politics – and plenty of topics worthy of ranting about.

But there’s also been some big developments in the US as the race for the White House just got real as Obama accepted the Democrats’ nomination to be their Presidential candidate. We can’t go past ranting about Mitt and Barack as each touts their wares to win votes.

So this week, the team at Rant n Rave Radio’s The Agenda will be ranting about:

  • the back-flip on shutting dirty power stations;
  • climate change;
  • asylum seekers and western wars;
  • US Presidential race; and
  • much, much more

Join Greg and Alex from 6.30pm on Sunday for another huge episode of The Agenda. It’s talk-back internet radio so make sure you join the team and vent your spleen.

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