Rant n Rave Radio at Colour Box Studios

wirelessRant n Rave Radio is live talk back Internet radio station run by Greg Fryer and Alex Schlotzer. Their show, “The Agenda”, provides an alternative perspective on politics, popular culture and all matters worth discussing. It’s live, loud and uncensored and we invite listeners to join in and vent their spleen.

We’re so excited to be working with Colour Box Studio for their Digital Media Month, we’ll be doing a special live broadcast covering the launch of Digital Media Month on Wednesday 16 January from 6pm.

We’ll also be doing a weekly show each Wednesday from 4:30pm from the fantastic space at 236 Nicholson St, Footscray to highlight the great work of local and emerging artists. Of course there will be a digital theme to each show since it’s the Digital Media Month.

Find out more about Colour Box Studio and what’s on for their Digital Media Month.

Find out more about Rant n Rave Radio or just come on down and see us live.


4 Responses to “Rant n Rave Radio at Colour Box Studios”

  1. "Miranda" Says:

    How do you contact Greg to talk more about trains?

    • Alex Schlotzer Says:

      Join us at 4:30pm at Colour Box Studio on Wednesday 23rd January and you’ll be able to get Greg’s details directly.

      Thanks for joining us for the show and giving us your opinion on public transport in Melbourne. We thoroughly enjoyed finding someone else that shared our frustrations.

  2. Sylvie Says:

    Hi Alex have you got the correct link to Footscray’s Colour Box Studios?

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