Rant n Rave Radio’s back on Wednesday live at Colour Box Studio

The team at Rant n Rave Radio will be back in full action mode for their live broadcast at Colour Box Studio in Footscray.

We did host an impromptu show late last night. We didn’t like the look of what was on offer on ABC’s Q&A so we decided to broadcast a special show. If you missed it, and you probably did because it was impromptu, you can catch it here.

But we’re going to be back tomorrow (Wednesday 13 Feb) live, loud and uncensored, discussing the big issues. And we’re going to be doing it live from Colour Box Studio. If you’re in Footscray why not come down and check out the digital art exhibitions at Colour Box Studio then join us for a rant.




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  1. Sylvie Leber Says:

    What time please? Sylvie.

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