The Agenda: WA votes, culture & Recognition

wirelessThere is always something new to discuss and debate on Rant n Rave Radio’s The Agenda. And this week’s show is going to be huge. The topics alone are going to be epic things to discuss. And we’ll be doing a massive show on Sunday from 5:30pm AEDT.

And the team at Rant n Rave Radio will be covering:

  • The election in Western Australia;
  • Australian culture;
  • Recognise – the campaign for recognition of Australia’s First People’s in the Constitution; and
  • Lots, lots more.

It is talk-back internet radio, it’s Rant n Rave Radio so join us on Sunday afternoon and vent your spleen with the team.

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An historic Sunday for climate action

On Sunday the Australian government will make an announcement on its package to put a price on carbon pollution. It’s something we’ve all been holding our breaths for, and for some time too.

But Sunday all will be revealed.

And Rant n Rave Radio’s The Agenda will be on air to give you a run down of the package and the politics.

Join us from 5.30pm for a robust and frank discussion about climate action.

Join Us Live Today

Today we go live from 5.30PM AEST.

It’ll be a huge show and you can guarantee it’ll be a no-punches-pulled rant n rave.

On today’s show we look at:

  • The state of Victorian politics and the government’s record.
  • The continuing appalling debate surrounding Australia’s obligation to aslyum seekers.
  • And a few other things.

It’s talk-back internet radio so join us.

LIVE Rant n Rave Radio’s The Agenda 5.30pm

Rambling and Easter 2010

Rant n Rave RadioWe’ve been back on the cyber airwaves for a couple of shows now. And you might have missed some of the hilarity and insightful analysis of the issues locally, nationally and internationally.

The Rambling episode takes you on a weird journey through a range of topics. And quite frankly, the episode is a rambling affair. It’s unusual we know for a show to not have at least one soap-box outburst, but the Rambling is it.  It’s still worth giving it a listen.

Our Easter special was a huge show. We cover a range of issues including the quality of political debate in Australia.  Greg and Alex also make light of the Leader of the Opposition and his pathetic effort to gain traction in an election year. If you missed out on the Easter episode you can catch it here.  You can even download it as podcast.

The whale slaughter continues

Rant n Rave RadioThe whale slaugher continues and last week Greg and Alex ranted and raved about the issue.  In the meantime there continues a tit-for-tat between the Sea Shepherd and the whalers.

Australia’s government remains incapable of coming through on their election promise to take Japan to the international court for their continued illegal fishing in Australia’s custodial waters.  The government even admitted the Oceanic Viking was being sent out to spot “illegal fishing”, yet wasn’t going to be observing – a strange sort of spin!

We reckon you should get behind the Sea Shepherd and keep pushing until decisive action is taken against the whale slaughter.  There is no reason for it and Japan’s own Prime Minister admits to disliking whale – so why not stop it!  Japanese Greenpeace activists have been arrested for their activities in exposing the scam that is Japan’s whale research program.


First show for 2010 rocked

The first “The Agenda” for 2010 on Rant n Rave Radio was huuuuggggeee!!


After a week of supposed down time over the festive break, we had so much rant about we almost ran out of time.  It was an action packed 1 hour episode.  We even had some excellent contributions from our fans and listeners.  They waded into the big issues with us and vented their spleens.

We got stuck into the continuing sale of public infrastructure, the situation in South America and we even ventured into issues coming out of the US of A.  From public transport, to the environment, to Obama’s legislative program – we had it covered.

Listen to the show through our player and catch up on the hot issues!

2010 is going to be big!

It’s been a massive year for Rant n Rave Radio.

There’s no doubt about it, Greg and Alex have had some pretty big shows. There’s been some shocking ones too.  But as next week’s show will be the last for 2010 it’s timely to let everyone know about what’s in store for 2010 on Rant n Rave Radio.

They’ve certainly provided a unique perspective on Australian and international politics drawing a range of listeners from all over the world.  And if 2009 was big, Greg and Alex, are looking forward to delivering even more in 2010.  January will see the team in action over whaling with a live interview with peeps from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.  They’ll also be doing a bunch of series about the real Austalian politics and history; or at least their take on it all.

Of course there will be The Agenda as usual. Don’t worry about that!

Plus they’ll be bringing back “Campaigns to Note”.

Catch our last show broadcast on Sunday 13 December — [player on the right ]—>