TELL US: Do you want a special broadcast on 11 Feb?

It’s been a little while since our last show and we’re sure you, like us, are hanging for a fix of Rant n Rave Radio’s “The Agenda”. There is so much to rant about with so many issues coming up. The big one amongst them was the announcement of the election date months and months ahead of time. And of course there’s been the subsequent shenanigans over it since plus there  the nation’s federal Parliament has returned for the year.

And with our schedule freeing up a bit we thought it would be fun to get our fix of Rant n Rave Radio’s “The Agenda” by doing a special broadcast on 11 February.

So tell us – do you want a special broadcast on 11 February?

Well it doesn’t actually matter if you said ‘No’ we’re still going to do a special broadcast.

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Sea Shepherd and Whaling

One of the rants we’ve had a few times here on Rant n Rave Radio is about whaling and countries that keep whaling.

We’ve exposed the lies behind “scientific” whaling and the other weak excuses used to continue this barbaric practice.  And, if you’ve caught those particular rants, you’ll know that Greg and Alex are big fans of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s work during the southern hemisphere whalers’ hunt.

So when we heard the Sea Shepherd’s “Steve Irwin” whale hunter vessel was to port in Australia we thought we’d contact them for a gig on the show.

At first we thought we’d get told to bugger off since we’re a small (very small) operation, if you can call it that.  But Greg never gave in and set about finding out what was going and who we had to speak to to get an interview. We explained how the show works and that there’s essentially no censorship; we’d give them the air time to vent their grievances about the ongoing whale slaughter however they wanted to express them. Apparently they thought this was an awesome idea.

Now we’re following up with them to find the exact person, the one with that’s in-the-know, and give them time to vent their spleens about whaling.  We’ll keep everyone up-to-date with how we’re going securing an interview.

A more philosophical rant

Today’s show was huge!

It was totally massive. And if you didn’t catch you still can coz the good folk at Blog Talk Radio have saved it for us so you can play it back. You can even download it to your iPod or MP3 player.

We covered a range of good topics from solar energy to U2’s not-so-free free gig/wall fiasco. Of course it was our usual huge show! But given the unseasonably warm weather ie it was f*!king hot, we were a little more mellow. It perhaps helped us be a little more articulate and really rant when needed. Although we love the shows where we rant from the top of the show to the bottom. Despite the apparent indications we weren’t on air we found we were. Not that it would’ve stopped us ranting, just to make sure we produced a new show.

From next week we’ll be renaming the episodes ie instead of “The Agenda” only it’ll be “The Agenda – 08-11-09”, to make it easier to find the recent episodes in our player you’re after.

Pollution Agenda in Victoria

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The Premier of Victoria just happens to be one of the worst apologists for big polluters. And it’s no wonder when the state of Victoria is seemingly beholden to the interests of big polluters.

John Brumby has shown little remorse for the kind of planet he and his government are leaving behind to future generations. Since the departure of Steve Bracks, Brumby has been hell-bent on stepping up the efforts to strip the state of any and all natural resources. In the past few weeks Brumby has come out well and truly behind the heavy polluting industries. Unsurprisingly he has been particularly backing the brown coal out of the Latrobe Valley; continuing his rhetoric about geosequestration (carbon capture & storage), including advocating further compensation measures for heaving polluting industries and more investment in so-called “clean coal” technologies.

And Brumby essentially has to with his government’s policies on water (the government still hasn’t instituted level 4 water restrictions in Melbourne despite the dams being very low and a very hot summer expected) and the government’s insistence on building a desalination plant. Oh and we can’t forget the government’s continuing deforestation policies for native and old growth forests, including the forests that provide our water catchments. Plus there is the strong efforts to increase international shipping to Melbourne with the dredging of Port Phillip Bay.

John Brumby. Credit: Andrew Kelly - flickr

John Brumby. Credit: Andrew Kelly (

Remarkably, the Victorian Government, Brumby, Hulls and any other senior cabinet minister remain starkly unmoved by the type of policies they are pursuing while attempting to convince voters they’re serious about action on climate change. The only serious action on climate change the Victorian Government is taking is to help accelerate climate change impacts. There has been little investment in renewable energy or research in associated industries; including failing to support the training transition for clean energy jobs – yep they’re increasing fees for TAFEs, the traditional training for most people that will be in and associated with clean energy jobs.

The government believes that it can continue to use the Mildura solar energy plant as its centre-piece on tackling climate change. The only problem is, it’s the only thing the Brumby Labor government has to talk up its environmental credibility. And with that the Labor machine will find it hard pressed to run on environmental sustainability or climate change in next year’s state election.

Better tram services possible…but

If you’re a regular listener to the show, you’ll know we love to rant and rave about the woeful condition of public transport in Victoria.  And it would come as no surprise that we love stories to help vent our spleen about.  This one comes from one of our ranters, but we’d love to know what you think – so vote in the poll at the end of the post.

Originally posted at Alex Schlotzer’s blog

It would seem that few mainstream media outlets felt it necessary to publish a detailed article about the Victorian government’s refusal to consider a reasonable proposal to improve tram timetables. The proposal from Keolis, the new tram operator, would have seen 24 hour rail services on Friday and Saturday.

From the minor accounts dished up, it appears the Victorian Premier, John Brumby, arrogantly dismissed the proposal offering that his government had done enough to address late night tram services. However, it’s not the first time such proposals had been knocked back by the Department of Transport and the Minister. Similar proposals by Yarra Trams had also been rejected.

Amazingly, the state government seems loath to provide better services. I think providing 24-hour servics on Friday and Saturday nights would help ease some of the apparent violence by giving people affordable ways of getting home (I do not necessarily believe the hype surrounding Melbourne’s violent streets). Relying on taxis in the wee hours of the morning can provide a great deal of headaches as punters fight over scant taxis with a seeming dis-organised taxi rank system. Although I know the cabbies do their best. Apparently the Brumby Labor government is doing what it can to ‘stem the violence on Melbourne’s city streets’, when it proves that the government is either too arrogant or too tired to consider ‘different’ ideas for addressing such issues.

These kinds of proposals improve the accessibility of the city for people on or close to tram routes. And helps address a need to provide cheaper ways for people to leave the city after a big night out. Of course this isn’t a catch all idea to deal with Melbourne’s overwhelming need for more public transport options and/or the apparent late night/early morning violence on the city’s streets; it at least illustrates a certain degree of ineptitude on behalf of the state government and its transport department.

Clearly the State is holding back better tram timetables.

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A new show coming up soon

Coming up with the resumption of Parliament for the winter session we’ll be doing “Point of Order”.

Okay we’ve done this show before so it’s not really new but it’s a new series.  This particular session of Australia’s federal parliament is lining up to be excellent session with all of the wonderful political tid-bits to go with it.  As key pieces of the ALP’s legislative agenda for the year enter both houses of parliament there is sure to be flurry of child-like behaviour in respective Question Times.

As part of our Sunday sessions, through “Point of Order” we’ll detail the contributions (or lack thereof) of backbenchers and key ministers (and shadow ministers). Plus we’re even going to start rating their performances.

Exciting times indeed!

A long weekend

Unfortunately due to our other commitments to wage slavery we won’t be able to broadcast our unique perspective on Australian politics.

[Hopefully the Minister won’t read this and shows up to an empty studio – thanks Greg!]

If you can make it through the weekend then stay tuned for “The Rant with Alex” on Tuesday night.  But if you just can’t and need a fix then check out our player for last episodes and relive some classic ranting and raving.